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• Develop a digital communications strategy that will engage and build your audience.

• A special interest in arts and non-profit organizations, country artists and small businesses.


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Strategic Planning

Do you have a clear vision of where your organization currently stands and where it needs to go?  The answer may be found in a quick review and tune up of the current strategic plan or a deeper analysis of your organizations purpose.  Depending on the extent of the solutions needed, there is an abundant choice of tools to establish where you are, where you want to go, how you will get there and how  you will know when you’ve arrived.  This applies to whether you are building a deeper relationship with your online community, promoting your brand or engaging employees.  A strategic plan, custom fit to your organization’s goals, will deliver what your organization needs to thrive.

Digital Content & Communications Plan

Are your communications reaching your target audience?  Who is your target?  Is your story true to your quest?  Is your digital content and communications plan aligned with your organization’s overall strategic plan?  A good communications plan will ensure your content enhances your brand and connects with your audience across a selected mix of digital platforms.  A solid plan will focus and optimize the efforts of your team, saving time, money and wear and tear on your most valuable resource.

Persona Development

Unless everyone in your organization is intimately familiar with the characteristics, personality traits and habits of your target audience you could be wasting time and money.  Personas aid in creating a better user experience strategy and are helpful in establishing you organization’s communications voice. Gleaning information from your current digital activities will guide you in establishing the scope of research that will be needed to establish a personas plan. My broadcast media experience in identifying audience personas can help you get started.

Digital Engagement Audit

We will take a look at all your digital communications activities across all platforms to assess your organization’s digital presence.  A determination will be made on where improvements can be made, how to optimize current digital levels and replace those low ROI efforts.

Branding, Marketing and Advertising

A traditional advertising campaign may have a place in your marketing mix. Your goals and your target audience will prescribe the types of media to best position your organization in the marketplace. Broad mass media, highly targeted or somewhere in between depends on objectives…and budget.

Podcast Development

Podcasts can be a solid engagement tool, especially if you have a story to tell your audience. Get advice and guidance to make your podcast stand out among the thousands of faceless (voiceless) podcasts not being heard. Create professional sounding, interesting, engaging, and relevant content and stand out from the crowd. Hint: Its all about your audience.

Social Media Choices

There are no shortages of social media platforms. Unravelling the knot of social media choices is similar to comprehending the meaning of ‘the medium is the message’.  The story you want your target audience to receive will have a greater impact when the correct channel is chosen. Is your message more effectively communicated visually on Pinterest or YouTube or will a precisely written appeal in a newsletter generate the conversions your organization needs? Are likes, shares and retweets going to deliver your message effectively? Don’t waste time and money delivering your unique message on incompatible social media.


Nothing happens until a conversion is made. Is this the new phrase to replace the old adage: Nothing happens until a sale is made? Among key performance indicators conversions receive a lot of examination. A massive effort is made to, first, define the desired behaviour that indicates a conversion and, second, how to increase the number of conversions. Everything else follows. What is a conversion in your organization? A purchase, a newsletter sign up, a request for more info, a download? Any organization can use more conversions.

Digital Rights and Copyright Management

If it is on the internet then it must be free, right? Understanding digital Intellectual property and copyright fundamentals is important. Can you account for your digital assets? There are guidelines and methods to identify copyright and keep track of the written word, images, audio, and video used in your digital communications. I can help in getting your questions answered.

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